2023 Scenic Calendar

Yes! The 2023 Calendar is now available for purchase. The images in the calendar represent some of my favorites photos taken in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Washington. Choosing the cover image is always challenging considering how many amazing scenes I've photographed. As anyone in Washington will attest to, "larch madness" refers to the annual pilgrimage up to the high country in the Cascades to view the sub alpine larch trees displaying their brilliant fall color. Combined with the colorful huckleberries, I couldn't resist putting this image on the front of my 2023 calendar.

Besides the gorgeous images, what makes this calendar special? Well, I’ve included the lesser known and sometimes wacky special event days. Who knew there was a National Nude Day, Bean Day, Alien Abduction Day, or Lima Bean Respect Day? Of course, my favorite celebratory day is still International Bacon Day!

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Your support of my art is always greatly appreciated!

Best to ya!