Display Options

First off, thanks for visiting my website! I appreciate the opportunity to share my art with you. I take pride in creating photographs that evoke a wide range of emotions. My goal is to offer several different display options that will best serve your style and provide a better viewing experience in any interior space. Additionally, other than loose prints, all my display options are ready to hang, eliminating the inconvenience of time spent working with a local frame shop. On this page I will provide the information necessary to ensure the print option you select will work best for you. However, to ensure you are completely satisfied with your print choice, I encourage you to contact me via a message or phone call.


A fine art print of Big Sky

Fine Art Photo Prints

For those who prefer to take prints to their local framing shop, prints are the way to go. The print option is also the most affordable choice and the quickest turnaround time for delivery.

Photos, unless arranged otherwise, will be printed on professional grade archival glossy metallic papers. The clarity and brilliance of these papers is something to behold. The high-gloss surface on this photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. They exhibit a slight metallic shimmer, ensuring rich luminous colors with intense black tones. The metallic papers are well suited for nature photos, as they provide that extra pop and depth.

With today's high quality archival printer inks, expect metallic prints to last well over 100 years before any noticeable fading occurs.

Photos Mounted on Bamboo

Bamboo mounted photographs give your art dimension to appear as if it is floating off the wall. Made from premium eco-friendly bamboo, these wood mounts create a durable yet creative way to preserve and present fine art. The photograph is mounted on an acid-free 3/4” thick surface and is coated with a laminate for protection that enhances the artwork and provides moisture resistance. On the back, two ¾” Douglas fir slats are installed to create a floating effect from a wall. The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen. To securely mount and display the bamboo mounted photo, a wire hanger is provided along with a drywall hook. These "monkey hooks" are an ingenious and simple design as they can be pushed in by hand between studs. The hand sanded and stained edge provides a beautiful and unique edge that enriches and customizes the presentation.

As with my fine art photo prints, I prefer to use metallic glossy paper for bamboo mounted photos. Expect well over 100 years before any noticeable color shifts or fading.

Bamboo mounted photos are one of my favorite ways to beautifully display a print that eliminates the need for an expensive frame. The glossy laminate finish yields a moisture-resistant finish that provides a vibrant look to any photo. If needed, ammonia-free glass cleaner and a clean cloth are recommended for the general cleaning of these bamboo mounted photos.

A photo mounted on bamboo
Gorgeous bamboo edging
Back of bamboo photo mount

Glossy Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe metal prints provide a stunning vibrant look. Your photo is infused into the metal (called dye sublimation) using a specialty printer and transfer paper along with a heat press to produce an incredibly sleek print with rich & glossy color. All metal prints float from wall 1/2" - 1" with an elegant aluminum subframe and french cleat hang system.

These metal prints are an excellent choice for areas with high humidity and heat environments. They also are chemical resistant and can be cleaned with glass or other all-purpose household cleaners. With unique coatings, the provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.

Under normal interior lighting conditions, one can expect ChromaLuxe prints to last more than 100 years before beginning to show any noticeable fading or color changes.

Each ChromaLuxe product comes ready to hang, complete with appropriate hanging hardware suitable for traditional wall installations.

For a balance of cost and stunning beauty, ChromaLuxe metal prints are a great choice!

The special coating on the Chromaluxe prints can at times show subtle imperfections which at regular viewing distance would typically not be seen. The manufacturer does everything they can to avoid obviously imperfect metal particularly when it can't be hidden within the image. Please note I cannot accept returns based on these subtle imperfections.

ChromaLuxe glossy metal print
Back of ChromaLuxe glossy print - ready to hang

Acrylic Fine Art Print

For the ultimate gallery quality image, a TruLife® acrylic fine art print provides an unmatched visual experience. Acrylic prints display image color, vibrance, and clarity that is simply stunning!

Acrylic face mounting is gaining popularity among those wanting a superior presentation with vibrancy that no other framing or mounting option can match. The acrylic mounting entails printing the photo on high quality photo paper(glossy or metallic), then face mount your image to the acrylic (plexiglass) so that you're looking through the acrylic at your print. Acrylic is unique in that light refracts within the acrylic (instead of passing through as it does with glass). With the right lighting, your photo almost appears to glow. To keep the print rigid and protected, the back is made with a rigid acid-free board (Dibond®). A recessed float frame hanging system is attached to the back which results is a stunning presentation which appears to float off the wall with no external framing required.

As with my fine art photo prints, I prefer to use metallic glossy paper for my acrylic prints. Expect well over 100 years before any noticeable color shifts or fading.

Ther are many types of anti-reflective acrylic available, however only one I feel provides the best viewing experience. TruLife® acyrlic is a museum gallery quality acyrlic that reduces glare approximately 25% while providing additional benefits such as more UV protection, much better scratch resistance, and anti-static properties to minimize dust.

TruLife® acyclic fine art prints are made with the finest materials ensuring not only superb visual quality, but a piece of gallery quality artwork that would be the centerpiece of any home or business. If I had to recommend one display format that would be guarantee to be jaw-dropping and brilliant gallery quality art pieces, TruLife® acyclic fine art prints are it!

TruLife® acrylic fine art print with Dibond backer for protection and rigidity
Back of a TruLife® acrylic fine art print

Shadow Box Frame

For those who want a ready to hang image with a traditional frame, the shadow box frame is an excellent choice. This is a very unique presentation that not many framing shops offer. The photo’s separation from the frame makes it the center of attention, while the frame provides an elegant border.

For this shadow box frame, your photo is laminated onto an aluminum Dibond backing and placed in an extra deep frame with some distance to the outer glazing. For a floating image effect, the aluminum Dibond backing, with the photo, is attached with a distance of approximately (1 cm) from the backing. The image appears to float in the frame. To provide even more depth, the image will have a 2 inch white border. The three choices in frames; brown alder, black oak, and white maple, are shown below. After placing your order just email me with your frame choice.

An aluminum Dibond print is a hard plastic core faced by two thin sheets of aluminum. The print is mounted on the top sheet of aluminum and laminated for the ultimate protection. The photo itself is printed on glossy Fuji Crystal paper providing an image that is crisp, brilliant, and with luminous colors. The front of the shadow box is made of high quality plexiglass to let the photo shine through brilliantly. A simple, uncomplicated picture hanging technique is used with metal rails that are attached to the back.

These shadow box frames are created in Germany with master craftsman providing a piece of art that is unrivaled in quality and exquisite beauty.

Your shadow box photo is checked by art packaging specialists, given a protective cover, and placed in art-secure packaging.

Shadow box frame with a black oak frame
Shadow box frame displaying floating Dibond aluminum print
Dibond aluminum print
Back of shadow box ready for hanging
Brown alder frame
Black oak frame
White maple frame