Customer Assurance

Desert Swirls
Desert Swirls

Realizing that purchasing fine art photography is a serious investment, I want to ensure my customers are receiving the highest quality prints available. To assure my customers they are getting an original Henke Imagery print, I will embed a small digital signature on the photograph. Additionally, for additional authenticity, a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity will be shipped to you separately.

Certificate of Authenticity Version 2

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

The Certificate is an official document that proves your photograph is genuine and authentic. It will assure you that the artwork you purchased is a an original print captured and produced by Ken Henke into a fine art print. The Certificate of Authenticity will include a small thumbnail of the image purchased and the date and location where the photo was captured. Finally, the Certificate will be hand dated and signed.


> Customer Service - As with any purchase where a large investment is made, a customer needs the reassurance they are getting a quality item. Choosing quality artwork is a big investment, both emotionally and financially. I want to assure you I will help you any way I can to make your purchase a great experience.

> Quality - As you probably can tell, I am passionate about creating great images! To that end, I hold the print makers and shippers to high standards of professionalism. If your artwork is damaged or not up to your expectations, please let me know immediately. My greatest sense of accomplishment is knowing someone takes great pleasure in displaying my photographs in their home or office. Thus, your complete satisfaction is my number one goal.