Earth Day!
April 2020

At some point in one’s life, whether in a zoo or in the wild, you have seen how owls can demonstrate incredible neck flexibility? They can turn their heads a whopping 270 degrees!

Nature First - An Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography
December 2019

Landscape photographers throughout history have been influential in bringing positive attention to natural wonders, particularly in the America West.

The Colorado Plateau
April 2019

Yet another pile of rocks, ya say? Well, for me, there's nothing quite like a pile of rocks with some nice soft lighting to make me smile. One could spend two lifetimes and never view all there is to see on the Colorado Plateau...

The Flying Camera Part 2
March 2019

I continue to experiment with photography from an aerial platform, an unmanned aerial system or drone, as depicted in one image in this newsletter. Fortress of Solitude is one of the compelling reasons I thought an aerial perceptive would be interesting...

Surviving Winter Photography
February 2019

Winter photography is about waiting and patience. Frankly, not unlike any other photography I conduct.

The Flying Camera
December 2018

As seen by this image I call Enchanting Mounds, a bird's eye view can be quite spectacular! Personal drone use has seen an incredible escalation of interest over the last decade. Thousands of new drones make their maiden flights each day, and the number of active pilots of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) is increasing at a drastic rate...

What is it?
December 2018

So, what do ya think this thing may be? It initially reminds me of a cheap man's bathtub drain stopper. Maybe. A mouse pad? Cup coaster for drinks? An oyster shucker? Light bulb remover? Give up, yet?