Display Options

What better way to lift the spirits than viewing an image that stirs one’s emotions or reminds one of an important event in their life. Or give a unique gift of art to those special people in your life. With the variety of display methods available today, photos can change the feel and mood of any home or office.

Just the Print

Those who prefer to find their own framing options;a print is the least expensive choice.  Photos, unless arranged otherwise, will be printed on professional grade and archival glossy or metallic papers. The clarity and brilliance of these papers is something to behold. Even with the glossy surface, they don’t have quite the annoying reflectance of cheaper papers when viewed from an angle.


plaquePlaque mounts are my favorite way to beautifully display a print that also eliminates the need for any frame.  Float plaques provide a clean modern look that focuses on the image and provides the illusion the photo is floating off a wall. The manufacturer uses eco-friendly wood with beveled edges. The print is mounted on a wood surface and coated with a UV finish to further protect the print for many years.  A French cleat technique is one option that can be used to securely mount the plaque to a wall. All the mounting hardware and instructions are included. The included specialized screws allow fastening to drywall without having to locate studs! If you do not prefer to use the French cleat, a wire hanger is also installed as another option.